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Salt Meadow AKA Monogram All-in-one Hipster

Price: $72.00
Manufacturer: Spartina 449
Manufacturer Part No: 943166
Product Description:
Salt Meadow AKA Monogram All-in-One Hipster by Spartina 449

Quietly rowing in dugout canoes through Georgia’s waterways, the Euchee tribe hunted and camped the coastal islands for hundreds of years. In fact, these Native Americans discovered and gave our beloved Tybee its name, which means “salt.” Inspired by the twists and turns of the saltwater marshes, we imparted colorful flavor into our Salt Meadow design of sprouting petals and curling paisleys. A lush and lavish print full of surprises!

How it works: 1. Insert key into tiny keyhole on back side of plate. 2. Push key to pop magnetic letter from plate. 3. Remove and replace letter of your choice into magnetic plate.
Materials: Linen, leather
Dimensions: 7.75" x 5" x 1.5"
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